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The New York Coalition for Long Term Care Facilities

Data Genomix quickly got to work for the Coalition for Longer Term Facilities in New York in order to devise a unique solution to maximize impact with the resources available.


Hours to Build Ads

Hours to Build Ads

1 Million

Nearly Number of Impressions

Nearly Number of Impressions





Lobbying oftentimes requires swift, strong, and rapid tactics - and this was just the case for the Coalition for Longer Term Facilities in New York. The coalition organization focuses on advocating for additional resources to support the quality of care for the elderly who require assisted living.

The coalition came to Data Genomix with one goal in mind - to persuade fifteen members of the New York State Legislature that held  the votes that could provide more funding for care facilities. .  With high stakes and limited resources, they wanted a digital campaign to support their in-person lobbying efforts. Time was limited to secure the funding, as the NY state budget had a clear timeline and was days away from being finalized.


The team at Data Genomix quickly got to work in order to devise a unique solution to maximize impact with the resources available. The solution to the challenge was to create a sophisticated paid digital media campaign, which would support other lobbying efforts and would ensure maximum exposure of the messaging to the key decision-makers. The Data Genomix team collaborated on key messaging with the Coalition communications staff and generated eye-catching creative to ensure the message got through. The Data Genomix data science team crafted a customized targeting matrix that would ensure ads were seen by the key legislators and their staff, wherever they were. The team used a mix of geo-framing and Data Genomix’s patented 1:1 identity-resolution technology for the hyper-targeted campaign. The targeting was coupled with  unique creative content tailored to each legislator, (including their name and photo).

“When you see a digital ad with your name and face on it, you believe that the whole world is seeing it too”

-Director of Communications, Coalition for Long-Term Care

The Data Genomix team launched ads on Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, & Audience Network) as well as digital display ads (both website and app-based); all ads sent people to the landing page that were developed to compliment the ad creative additional messaging. The main goal remained the persuasion of the fifteen members of the New York Legislature- so the ad efforts were optimized for frequency.

creative example for nycltcf
Creative Sample from the Campaign

The Results

The team developed and launched the website and ad creative within 72 hours of our engagement. Data Genomix were quickly able to create twenty-eight unique ads per legislator, to maximize ad placements, ensuring the messaging would be visible across all channels and apps, on mobile and desktop. Through these tactics, Data Genomix created a sense of urgency and importance around the cause- and resulted in the campaign delivering nearly 1 million impressions. Data Genomix’s  rapid response digital campaign was credited for the  digital  as a key element in securing the votes necessary to secure the funding in-state budget.

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