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Data-Driven Strategy.
Winning Outcomes.

Data Genomix solves complex challenges with digital marketing solutions that help you connect to your audience.

Data-Driven Strategy. Winning Outcomes.

A process that works,
proven by conversions.

Data Genomix is a firm that executes a proven process for digital marketing success with insights, targeting, creative concepts, and plans to convert customers to your services and products.


We get to know you and understand your needs. The DG team then quickly begins working to develop the most effective plan to get you digital conversions.


We get to know you and understand your needs. The DG team then quickly begins working to develop the most effective plan to get you digital conversions.


Content development is a reflection of your unique brand and what we’ve learned about your refined audience. Intentional content will motivate your audience to convert.


Every step of the DG process is to get your target audience to whatever conversion goal you have. As we learn from your audience, your strategy will adapt to convert more.

Strategy guided by data.

Your targeted campaign will move people through the digital conversion funnel with a process that’s a coordinated effort between data analysis, audience identification, content development, and paid advertising.  

Strategic Planning Illustration

Strategic Planning

Great campaigns start with great strategy. At DG we don’t like to guess, we want to know for sure. Through our strategic planning process we are able to develop highly-tailored digital solutions and strategies that are tied to meaningful objectives and tactics to meet campaign’s goals.

  • Channel and Landscape Audit
  • Key Message Analysis & Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Goal & KPI Development
  • Campaign Timeline
  • Channel Identification
Content Development Illustration

Content Development

Content is the differentiator between a good and great campaign. Great content breaks through, inspires and motivates audiences to care about your message and take meaningful action. It takes time, expertise, and vision to generate compelling content. Our team of content strategists and designers utilizes the latest design trends and tools to craft content that resonates with target audiences and most importantly drives engagement.

  • Campaign Branding (logo, style guide, imagery)  
  • Website Creation & Management
  • Video Production
  • Ad Design
  • Copywriting
  • Blog & Email Generation
Data Science Illustration

Data Science

Our data science team is the engine of success for our digital campaigns.  Utilizing more than 685 unique data points of more than 194 million online users DG’s data scientists develop, craft and segment target audiences who are most likely to engage with your content.

  • Profile Development
  • Survey/Polling & Analysis
  • 1-to-1 Matching
  • Segmentation
Media Placement Illustration

Media Placement

Digital ads are placed in various locations online to maximize your campaign ROI. Research is done to understand where your audience spends their time,  in order to make the best decisions about when and where to serve your ads.

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Google Ads, Ad Words, YouTube
  • Paid Search
  • Connected TV
  • Digital Display & video
  • SMS & MMS
Active Monitoring Illustration

Active Monitoring

Execution is everything. Simply put, the DG team does what it says it’s going to do and executes strategy effectively and efficiently to achieve your goals. Throughout the campaign, the Client Success team actively monitors  campaigns daily to ensure the campaign delivery is meeting objectives.

  • Organic Social Media Posts
  • Community Management
  • Real-time Ad Optimization
  • Social Listening & Analysis
  • Email Development & Deployment
Reporting & Analytics Illustration

Reporting & Analytics

A good relationship is transparent. You’ll regularly receive reports with insights on the performance of your campaigns, measuring key performance indicators. You also have access to a robust reporting and analytics dashboard so you can see the numbers for yourself whenever you’d like.

  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Results Analysis
  • Optimization Recommendations
Research & Analysis Illustration

Research & Analysis

Data Genomix offers the best consumer data and analytics system that seamlessly accelerates insights into action. We create and analyze hyper-relevant, targeted segments to understand what will move your audience. DG researches your competing alternatives to understand the entire field and how to gain an advantage.

  • Market Research
  • Rival Research
  • Consumer Analysis
  • Survey & Polling Development & Execution
General Consulting Illustration

General Consulting

Are you ready to unlock your organization’s potential? The Data Genomix team is prepared to vision-cast a future of unparalleled success. DG has subject matter experts in non-profit, public affairs, media relations, political campaigns & causes, eCommerce, and all things marketing & advertising.

  • Brand Analysis & Refinement
  • Public Relations & Crisis Response
  • Planning & Forecasting

Data that's better,
not just bigger.

Data that's better, not just bigger.

 Data Genomix has cultivated 194,492,932 records, with up to 685 data points per person.

Our Expertise

DG uses hyper-targeted digital advertising to bring specialized solutions
to diverse verticals including public relations, non-profit, political marketing,
job recruiting, consumer brands, and so many others.











Natural Resources

Natural Resources



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“In the end, we outperformed polling by
10 percent, we blew our poll results away. I think that’s real evidence that the digital strategy worked.”

Political campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“Our clients were spending big money on job boards like Indeed and industry-specific sites. They saw the cost increase each month. Data Genomix’s targeted approach to passive candidate outreach generated the right candidates. We saw positions getting filled and the cost per hire cut in half.

Job recruitment campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

It wasn’t a ‘set it and go’ type strategy. The level of engagement, interaction, collaboration- every week, and really, every day- is something that Data Genomix offers that some of these other digital firms don’t. I would recommend them to anyone, they’re fantastic.”

School board tax initiative

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“Data Genomix really takes the time to make sure you understand the results you’re looking at and the efforts they’re doing on your behalf. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand dashboard, and they translate things in a very clear manner.”

Museum ticket sales campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

What we like most about working with Data Genomix is how dedicated each and every team member is to our organization. Many a time, partnering with an external company becomes difficult, and creating results that align with our vision is near impossible, but this experience has been anything but.”

Performing arts ticket sales campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“Working with Data Genomix changed our brand for the better. The digital-first paid advertising approach led by Data Genomix made a huge impact on how we are perceived in the community. We now are seen as a partner to make this a better place to live, we have the support of the community.”

Public relations campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

“The Data Genomix dashboard has changed the way not only our marketing and PR department operates, but our entire organization. We can now give the C-Suite direct access to the KPI’s that matter to them, with no clutter or requiring my team to pull information every week.”

Non-profit campaign

Fashion Buyer, Aje

Proven Success

ALG | Research
First Energy
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Cleveland Cavaliers
AAPC 2020 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference Gold Winner
2020 Reed Awards Winner
Great Lakes Science Center

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