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Primary Election: Won by vote in a three-way race

Primary Election: Won by vote in a three-way race


Total of impressions

Total of impressions


General Election: Won by of the vote

General Election: Won by of the vote


The June primary election for the San Jose City Council District 3 seat was a competitive race, with five people running for the same seat. Torres was a young and progressive politician and was a first-time city council candidate. In addition, Torres is also a double minority, as no other gay Latino representative had ever sat on any City Council in Santa Clara County. With all this in mind, it was Data Genomix’s job to take a new and fresh face and communicate that Torres was the only candidate to chart a new future for the city of San Jose.

In addition, Omar Torres was working with an extremely limited budget. Torres got his start in politics as a grassroots community organizer, and was aiming to accomplish a lot with a small amount of money. It was Data Genomix’s job to make the most out of the funds for the new candidate and run two similar, separate general and primary campaigns to help the young politician succeed.


Data Genomix displayed the team’s digital strategy expertise by implementing a nuanced and strategic approach to digital marketing for Omar Torres during the primary and general elections. Recognizing the importance of reaching a diverse voter base, the team crafted ads in both Spanish and English to ensure broad appeal. During the primary election, Data Genomix leveraged data-driven targeting techniques to identify super voters, voters more likely to participate in the primary, focusing their efforts on this crucial segment. This approach was pivotal, as the primary was deemed the more critical race to win, and the objective was to create enough momentum to carry forward into the general election. In addition to Meta ads, digital display campaigns were launched to maximize visibility and engagement during this pivotal phase of the campaign.

In the general election, Data Genomix adjusted the strategy to align with the broader audience. While the seat was non-partisan, Omar Torres had received the endorsement of the county Democratic party. To capitalize on this, the team targeted registered hard Democrats with tailored messaging and creatives, emphasizing Torres's alignment with Democratic values. Simultaneously, the team recognized the need to appeal to independents and conservatives, adapting their targeting and messaging accordingly. With the support of the San Jose firefighters' endorsement, Data Genomix strategically utilized digital display ads to focus on "get-out-the-vote" messaging, motivating supporters from all political backgrounds to turn out on election day. This agile and data-centric approach allowed Omar Torres to secure victory in the primary and general elections.

Data Genomix's adept use of smart digital advertising strategies played an instrumental role in transforming Omar Torres's small budget and limited political experience into a resounding victory story. In the primary election, where Torres faced stiff competition with four opponents, his triumph was remarkable, securing an impressive 44.2% of the vote.

For the digital display campaigns, the Data Genomix team was able to reach over 7,000 unique people with ads and serve over 230,000 impressions. These ads had a frequency of about 31, which means each unique person saw the campaign ads on average 31 times. Since Torres was working to differentiate his campaign against the four other opponents, repeatedly showing the targeted audience his ads was an important strategy. With a strategic combination of bilingual ads and data-driven insights, the Data Genomix team was able to reach and engage the right audience, propelling Torres toward success despite his relative political newcomer status.

The general election further demonstrated the effectiveness of Data Genomix's approach, where Omar Torres clinched a commanding victory with 65.6% of the vote against his opponent, Irene Smith. In addition, Torres was able to not only raise more funds than his opponent but also spent less on his campaign than Smith. This further indicates the smart strategy that Data Genomix was able to employ- ensuring stronger results while spending less.

Notably, Torres’s digital display ad campaign generated over 56,000 impressions and served to over 7,000 unique people. The ads had a frequency of about seven, which means that each unique person saw the ads an average of seven times. This highlights the effectiveness of the campaign’s messaging and targeting efforts. Data Genomix's ability to maximize the campaign’s limited resources and amplify Torres's message through digital advertising was a key factor in his successful campaign, proving that with strategic planning, even a political newcomer can achieve remarkable electoral outcomes.

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