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New Tagline


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New Graphics


OC Solar is a solar installation company from Orange County, California. The organization prides itself on quality service and products above all else, boasting a 5-star rating on Yelp from their customers and being named the Exclusive Panasonic Elite dealer for Orange County and Panasonic's 2022 Residential Installer of the Year. Yet despite these high-quality accolades, OC Solar needed a brand with that same level of quality and distinction.

OC Solar came to Data Genomix to update its brand and raise the company’s image to the standards of their high-quality service. The goal was to create a brand identity of a high-end home improvement experience - while still staying approachable to their customer community.


In order to achieve the lofty goals, the Data Genomix team conducted a complete rebranding. This included the design team developing an entirely new brandmark, new brand colors, and the first-ever brand book to guide the organization. The new brand-mark needed to have the same innovative look as many new technology companies, while still staying true to the OC Solar roots: solar energy.

Once the new branding guide was established, the Data Genomix team needed to implement the fresh brand on all marketing materials, websites, and organic social media channels. With this refresh came updated content to reflect the elevated brand identity that the company was pushing: that OC Solar was the expert in their field, with high-quality solar equipment and a 5-star team dedicated to providing energy solutions that saved you money and made progress to a green future.

To ensure a healthy content library, Data Genomix conducted a photo shoot at the OC Solar office and on current job sites. The team got both photo and video footage of the office and all of OC Solar’s employees- as well as the new wall art designed by the Data Genomix graphic design team. All of this content provided unique marketing materials that enabled OC Solar to stand out in a crowded market, and established an authentic and personal feel that made the content more effective.

old oc solar logo to new oc solar logo
Old Logo (Left) - New Logo (Right)

The new brand has now been implemented through OC Solar’s digital presence, and you can see a difference. Ads with the new brand are outperforming those that had the previous logo and customers are noticing a difference between OC Solar and the competing alternatives. Through this new brand refresh, Data Genomix was able to take OC Solar to new heights and enable what makes the company special to stand in its visual brand identity.

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