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Health Action Council is a member-driven, not-for-profit organization representing employers working to enhance human and economic health through group purchasing, education and health improvement.


Increase in Clicks (Meta)

Increase in Clicks (Meta)


Increase in CTR (Meta)

Increase in CTR (Meta)


Decrease in CPC

Decrease in CPC


The goal of the Find the Right Care campaign was to drive awareness about the symptom checker and support individuals in accessing the best healthcare venue for their situation. While the organization had attempted to leverage cost-effective digital, and social media advertising, to educate people about the resource and enable them to use the tool efficiently. However, for years it produced results that were mediocre. This was due to an over-emphasis on Facebook ads, while nothing was being done to target the individuals who were actively in need of the tool. In addition, it did not target those individuals who matched the data of people most likely to go to the ER when they should have contacted their primary care physician, or going to the local pharmacy for drop-in healthcare.


Data Genomix’s team recognized the need for a diverse, multi-channel approach, and introduced the Find the Right Care campaign to an array of new paid media channels. This included paid Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM ads), META ads, and digital display ads. This data-driven approach, led by skilled data science and paid media teams, was key to the success of these campaigns. In regards to SEM ads, Data Genomix was able to take advantage of the Google Ad Grant to fund the SEM campaigns for Find the Right Care. With consistent keyword research to stay up to date, Data Genomix was able to execute a more than successful SEM campaign. By the second year, Data Genomix was able to increase the digital media impact by increasing the Google Ad Grant click-through rate by 9.15% with no additional cost to the nonprofit. 

An additional factor that played a key role in these campaigns’ success was the targeting of audiences across different platforms. Several ads were created for different audience groups: one for parents, and one for millennials. By intentionally reaching the correct audience with ad creative that was targeted just for them, Data Genomix was able to ensure a more straightforward and effective digital advertising campaign. 

Leveraging the power of an iterative approach, Data Genomix's solution continually drives unparalleled results. This strategy is informed by an ongoing cycle of refining and optimizing, using key learnings from past campaign performances as a roadmap for future success. Every aspect of the campaign, from platforms and audiences to budgets, is reviewed and fine-tuned based on prior metrics.

The outcome of this comprehensive, data-driven approach was nothing short of phenomenal. The Find the Right Care campaign saw an 87% increase in clicks for Meta Ads, as well as a 255% increase in the click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, Meta ads saw a 28% decrease in the cost per click (CPC).  

Last year, the Google Ads CTR was 12.84%, which is 305% above Google’s average CTR of 3.17%. However, this year, the campaign saw a Google Ads CTR of 22.35%, which is 605% above Google’s average. Additionally, the Google Ad Grant account saw a 127% increase in spend and a 44% increase in clicks. This increase in metrics is all due to a multi-channel approach, and smart decision-making fueled by experience and expertise.

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