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Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center, home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, is a museum and educational facility located in Cleveland, Ohio, making STEM come alive for more than 300,000 visitors each year.


Generated Clicks

Generated Clicks


Average CPC

Average CPC


Increased Facebook CTR

Increased Facebook CTR


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Great Lakes Science Center found itself in need of a robust digital advertising strategy to effectively communicate updates to its operating hours and procedures in a way that would ensure consumers felt safe to return.

However, even prior to the pandemic, leadership realized they needed to modernize their strategy to continue reaching target audiences, says Joe Yachanin, communications director. They were also looking to consolidate disparate vendors to streamline costs and increase efficiency.

“The general feeling even before COVID broke out was that our primary audience — the modern family in the 21st century — isn’t following the same media consumption patterns they were even 5 years ago,” Yachanin says. “We knew our audience wasn’t seeing our ads in the traditional fields in which they had in the past, but we didn’t know where they were scattered.”

The museum turned to Data Genomix for the resources and expertise to streamline and maximize their ad spend, while ultimately increasing website traffic to encourage ticket sales.


An expert in hyper-targeted, person-based advertising, Data Genomix used a variety of brand awareness, traffic-oriented, and conversion-driven ads to connect effective messaging with precise audiences. Replacing the services of four former vendors for the museum, the team reached out to precise audiences using social ads, programmatic, and Connected TV.

Throughout the process, the Data Genomix team also worked with Great Lakes Science Center staff to analyze ad spend, in conjunction with in-depth reporting metrics by ad and platform, to make real-time data-driven decisions to ensure ROI.

“They really take the time to make sure you understand the results you’re looking at and the efforts they’re doing on your behalf,” Yachanin says. “Everything is laid out in an easy-to-understand dashboard, and Data Genomix translates things in a very clear manner.”
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Creative Sample from the Campaign

The Results

By consolidating the work of multiple vendors and applying strategic person-based targeting, Data Genomix was able to cut the Great Lakes Science Center’s cost to reach the right consumers in half. They outperformed the Facebook average click-through-rate (CTR) of previous efforts for a fraction of the cost:
Museum leadership is thrilled with the results, says Yachanin.

“The ads are definitely driving a lot of web traffic; people are aware of what we’re doing,” he says. “We’re getting a really good return on investment for the money we’re spending in terms of getting people to see our ads, comment on our social posts, and then be redirected to our website.”

While operating at a reduced capacity as part of the museum’s pandemic response to ensure guest safety has made it difficult to measure ROI in terms of ticket sales—Yachanin feels confident the ads have played a significant role in helping reassure parents and encourage visitors.

“If we weren’t doing this retargeting and being more savvy with our ad spend, I don’t know that anyone would be here at all,” he says. “I would definitely recommend Data Genomix. They’re an awesome local business, very relatable, and are really good about translating what you’re trying to accomplish into what services they can provide and how it would work for someone who might not be as well-versed in the kind of marketing that they do.”

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