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Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Conservancy enriches people's lives and enhances our region by inspiring use, preservation and support of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.








CPC lower than average

CPC lower than average


The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, or the Conservancy for CVNP, is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and grants to fund its operations. The organization's mission is to preserve and protect the natural resources and cultural heritage of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) while providing educational opportunities for visitors. CVNP is the only National Park in the state of Ohio, and as such is an important ecological and wildlife sanctuary, while providing countless hiking trails and other outdoor opportunities. The Conservancy for CVNP offers a range of programs and services, including hiking path maintenance, educational programs, and cultural events.

Before receiving the Google Ad Grant, the Conservancy for CVNP faced several challenges in promoting its programs and services. The organization had limited resources for advertising, making it difficult to reach a wider audience as well as being able to execute a sophisticated digital marketing campaign. Additionally, the Conservancy for CVNP faced another layer of competition from other attractions within the region, for the same visitor base. With the help and guidance of Data Genomix, the Conservancy for CVNP was able to complete an elevated solution to their marketing challenges.


Data Genomix wasted no time signing the Conservancy for CVNP up for the Google Ad Grant, which is a grant designed by Google to support nonprofits. The Google Ad Grant provides qualifying nonprofit organizations with $10,000 monthly of in-kind advertising for text ads. These ads were able to help the Conservancy for CVNP increase its online visibility and attract more visitors to the park.

The grant allows the Conservancy for CVNP to advertise its programs and services on Google, which helps to reach a more specific and unique audience. Data Genomix’s team used the grant to create targeted advertising campaigns that focused on specific keywords and demographics to make sure the right message was reaching the right audience. In addition, Data Genomix also used the grant to promote the Conservancy for CVNP’s educational programs and cultural events, which ultimately attracted more visitors to the park.

The Google Ad Grant had a significant impact on the Conservancy for CVNP's online visibility and visitor numbers. The organization's targeted advertising campaigns helped to increase its online traffic and attract more visitors to the park for events, increase brand awareness, and increase donations to the park. The grant also helped the Conservancy for CVNP get its message to more people in the area without having to spend more money to do so. The team was able to reach a wider variety of people and act more intentionally about who was targeted with unlimited Google funds. With the Google Ad Grant, Data Genomix served over 88 thousand impressions and had a click-through rate of 13.65%. This rate is over four times higher than Google’s average. In addition, the ads had an overall cost per click of $1.77, which is 34% lower than Google’s average. 

Overall, the Google Ad Grant provided the Conservancy for CVNP with an opportunity to increase its online visibility and reach more people to support the park. The grant helped the Conservancy for CVNP overcome its advertising challenges and promote its mission to a wider audience. Thanks to the wide success of the Google Ad Grant, the Conservancy for CVNP continues its partnership with Data Genomix so that the grant can promote its programs and services, and attract more visitors to the park in the future.

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