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Aera Energy

The client is an oil and gas producer based in California. Their priorities are producing energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while nurturing the culture of social responsibility.


Above Average Meta CTR

Above Average Meta CTR


Million Impressions

Million Impressions


Above Average Linkedin CTR

Above Average Linkedin CTR


The client found that using traditional public relations principles for their digital campaigns was resulting in unsatisfying responses.

The client had a LinkedIn page, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and their website, all with modest followings and underwhelming engagement. This digital presence consisted of traditional press releases and media reports related to their charitable work. Their public relations strategy relied almost exclusively on earned media, without an overarching strategy across platforms, resulting in low community engagement.

The issue with this approach to digital marketing lies in misdirected efforts being scattered across platforms without true insight into where the target audience is and how they prefer to be contacted. Additionally, content-production efforts often go unnoticed by the desired audience and fail to generate the desired outcomes for the client.


To solve these issues, the client patterned with Data Genomix, experts in data-driven digital marketing solutions, to create a holistic digital marketing and advertising plan. The first step was to build a ground-up digital strategy for the client's public relations by relying primarily on paid digital media.

The client's focus was predominantly on growing their organic following while communicating their core messages to the relevant communities. With a focus on community involvement, campaigns were designed to emphasize the brand value while also monitoring the brand's online engagement with the community.

The strategy created for the client included tangible and measurable goals to define success:

- Achieve more than 20,000,000 impressions across all digital channels
- Achieve 2,000,000 unique social media engagements across all channels
- Increase social media following by 5,000 new followers on their Facebook page, 5,000 new followers on their LinkedIn profile, and 2,500 new followers on their Twitter account

Once the benchmark was set, Data Genomix further developed the campaign strategy through in-depth research of the brand's perception in the public eye and in the local community. This was achieved by polling community members, as well as assessing how the media had portrayed the client historically. By identifying key stakeholders and analyzing the collected data, it was possible to divide the target audiences into more specific demographic groups, giving the ability to create hyper-targeted messaging.

The campaign was then refined down to the last detail, including creative & content generation, custom audience building, and analytics to understand performance. These activities relied on outbound paid digital advertising, which was constantly optimized through campaign improvements as more data was accrued. The outbound ads micro-targeted the relevant audiences that were discovered and defined during the research phase. These campaigns were then deployed via social ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), digital banner ads, connected TV (OTT), digital video, and search engine marketing.

Data Genomix closely monitored the campaigns via reporting and deep analytics aggregated from paid and organic content, while maintaining close communication with the client. Engagement analysis allowed for a thorough understanding of how people perceived the content, which often included rapid-response alterations to leverage relevant real-world events.

creative example for aera
Creative Sample from the Campaign

The Results

By focusing on digitally-led paid advertising, all set goals were overachieved, increasing both the client's social media following and their follower engagement.

We increased their social media following on Facebook (3.8% over the set new followers target), on LinkedIn (20.4% over the set new followers target), and on Twitter (80.8% over the set new followers target). Total impressions during the campaign were 23.4% over the set target, and total engagements during the campaign 5.5% over the set target.

The outcome of the campaign was the elevation of the client's brand identity and public profile by six points, which was determined through polling.

The paid advertising campaign surpassed the client's previous effects with earned media on every front, proving the importance of an expert approach to public relations in digital marketing. The strategy created helped inform the relevant community members and key stakeholders on the significance of oil extraction to drive our society into a renewable energy future.

The campaign's performance surpassed industry standards on all platforms. The ad click-through rate (CTR) was 1.9% on Facebook and Instagram (vs the industry standard of 0.89%), and the CTR on LinkedIn was 0.72% with a cost per click (CPC) of $5.43 (compared to industry standards of 0.39% CTR and $7-11 CPC).

Search engine advertising was particularly effective, with a CTR of 4.58% (compared to the industry standard of 2%).

Following this campaign, the client has refocused their PR strategy on paid digital advertising by continuing to work with Data Genomix:

"Working with Data Genomix changed our brand for the better. We now are seen as a partner to make this a better place to live, we have the support of the community." – Senior Vice President for Public Relations

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