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The Keys to International Marketing

International digital marketing is not just about extending your reach globally, but more importantly, it's about understanding and resonating with diverse audiences.

Digital marketing is all about knowing your audience, especially when your audience is in another country. This holds true, perhaps even more so, when that audience spans continents. Launching an online advertisement or organic content worldwide can be an appealing prospect, yet, achieving a fruitful international digital marketing strategy requires careful thought and planning. At DG, we've identified four fundamental steps to excel in international marketing.

1. Identify Optimal Channels

The first step involves pinpointing the most effective digital marketing channels that resonate with your specific needs. Audiences across different countries will all have specific channels they frequent the most- so it is essential to research and target your audience based on where they spend time online. While social media advertising might seem like the obvious choice - given its widespread adoption - it’s important to determine which platforms your target audience favors and how to deliver your message in the most effective way possible. 

2. Establish the Scope

In order for your international digital marketing efforts to succeed, you can’t just throw out a one-size-fits-all campaign. Different countries, cultures, and audiences demand bespoke marketing strategies that cater to their unique characteristics. Digital marketing campaigns that work in one country might not work in another. Attempting to reach too many international markets at a time is a sure way to limit the success of your campaign. 

3. Foster Flexibility and Scalability

Partnering with international brands and clients calls for nimble and adaptive strategies capable of responding to evolving circumstances. An agile digital marketing strategy enables you to keep pace with the dynamic international market landscape.

Moreover, your marketing plan needs to be scalable depending on the conditions of the market.  A good plan is one that expands effortlessly without demanding significant alterations to your content narrative or the roles of the team implementing the plan.

4. Build Bridges 

While international digital marketing might seem like a colossal endeavor, it should foster a sense of intimacy. Your goal is to make your audience feel like they are connected to your message, and that requires you to connect with the community. Which in many cases means you need to speak their language: both figuratively and literally. Extensive research and localization are crucial, but remember that language, too, is a powerful tool. Engaging your audience in their native tongue can significantly boost their interaction with your content.

International digital marketing is not just about extending your reach globally, but more importantly, it's about understanding and resonating with diverse audiences. Remember that each international market has its unique characteristics and preferences. By identifying the right channels, determining an appropriate scope, cultivating flexibility and scalability, and building genuine connections, you'll be well-positioned to succeed on the global stage.

As you embark on this journey, let these four steps serve as your compass, guiding you toward meaningful and impactful engagements with your international audience. As always, DG is here to help, offering the tools and expertise needed to make your international marketing strategy a resounding success.

July 31, 2023

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