Stuck in a Advertising Rut? Change Your Digital Presence Now

There is the old way of managing digital presence, and the new way. Our track record proves that the new method is best--here's why.

There is the old way of managing digital presence, and the new way. Our track record proves that the new method is best--here's why. 

The old way puts digital platforms first. 

Practically, the old way means opening up a profile on a big social media platform and then posting daily (or even several times a day), waiting for that one post to go viral.

The old way is, blatantly speaking, outdated. Social platforms no longer show content organically unless there is an advertising budget behind it, making most of your content-producing efforts futile.

The new way puts the audience first.

Our approach at Data Genomix starts with the audience, not an outdated strategy.

First, we define who your audience is, using all of the relevant demographic data.

Next, we figure out where your audience spend their time. Is it Facebook or LinkedIn? Instagram or TikTok? YouTube or Twitch?

Different audiences gravitate around different platforms. For example, if you are targeting Millennials, you'd better be on Instagram and TikTok. If you market to men, you'll probably find them on YouTube or Steam. And, if you want access to the Boomers, Facebook is the way to go.

Rather than choosing a channel and then sticking to it no matter what the market does, this "audience first" approach looks at your audience's needs and behaviors, and then adapts your strategy to fit the situation.

Keeping one eye on the horizon

No digital advertising strategy can be set in stone. It has to be constantly reviewed, questioned, and adjusted to follow the everyday changes in the digital marketing landscape.

This also means keeping an eye out for any new and emerging platforms. New social platforms offer an early entrance, tons of organic reach, and direct communication with your target audience. But to access all these benefits, you must identify these rising stars early and be flexible enough to jump on board and see where they take you.

An omnichannel solution for your digital strategy

Keeping up with the constant updates, innovations, and nuances in the digital world can quickly become tiring and inefficient. Instead of wasting time on learning about the newest algorithm changes and figuring out how to set up a profile on Clubhouse, you should be able to focus on what you do best, and leave your digital presence to proven experts.

At Data Genomix, we partner up with our clients to create digital strategies that will drive their key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep their brands progressing from one level to the next.

There's no time left for half-hearted efforts. It is time to find a partner with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide you through the digital labyrinth.

Contact us to find out howwe can develop your winning digital strategy.

January 4, 2022

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