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Steady in the Storm

Any organization knows that smooth sailing never lasts forever. Here are a few ways to adapt to your new normal.

Any organization knows that smooth sailing never lasts forever- whether it is construction, organizational changes, or a global pandemic. In changing times, it is important to continually re-evaluate your digital marketing strategies and do whatever it takes to stay steady in the storm. From rethinking marketing campaigns to keeping your priorities in order- here are a few ways to adapt to your new normal. 

Get Back to Basics

Periods of substantial change are a great opportunity to prioritize foundational work that often falls down the to-do list but is important for long-term success. It is always important to focus on the basics of your marketing and organic social strategies and ensure you are doing things well. Now is the time to focus your efforts on your digital marketing strategies' bread and butter- including your website.

Focus on SEO

Regardless of whether or not you are running a million digital advertising campaigns- it is essential to have a strong website with excellent search engine optimization- or SEO. Despite any changes, your website is a consistent way to reach your audience digitally. Ensuring your site content is updated regularly, full of search engine recommended keywords, and easy to navigate are all great ways to increase your SEO score. In addition, Data Genomix’s Reporting Suite can give you access to our SEO audit tool, which can provide you with a to-do list of how to make your website as audience-friendly as possible. 

For more information on SEO, check out our blog here. 

Re-Think your Campaigns

When everything is in a transition period, it’s important to focus on what is absolutely essential to your organization. If campaigns are up in the air, or taking up a substantial amount of time and energy- maybe put them on pause. Are there new strategies you can implement to add stability to your marketing program? Re-evaluating your current campaigns, tone, and plan of action can allow your team to become more conscious of what you are doing- and why. 

Get Ready for this to Pass

Even when construction projects seem to drag on forever, or it feels impossible to get your organization’s head above water, remember that this too shall pass. You need to keep in mind that any changes you put in place during a transition period are just that: transitional, not permanent. Coming out of a big departmental shift can create opportunities for new strategies and campaigns, so it is wise to approach your future by not thinking about how to get back to normal, but rather how to create a new normal. 

Never waste a crisis. Times of transition and crisis are an opportunity to highlight the importance of making your audience number one. Reach out to us today to discover the ways in which we can assist you, regardless of today’s weather.

July 26, 2023

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