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Organic Presence is Not Enough: Here's What You Should be Doing

Just blasting organic content isn't enough anymore. Learn new ways to get your message to the right audience.

We've seen this situation many times before: brands with a modest number of followers produce and share content daily. The content is engaging, educational, useful, and fun - in short, it ticks all the right boxes.

But what follows is deafening, defeating silence. There is no response. Seven people have seen the post; there are no likes, no comments. If a social media post falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Organic marketing is like setting up a billboard on a deserted island

Putting it this way may seem funny at first, but this strategy is similar to setting up a billboard on a deserted island.

Your design team goes through several iterations until they get the layout just right. Your copywriters come up with the catchiest tag line since "Just do it." Finally, after weeks of anxious waiting, the billboard goes up, and you hold your breath, waiting to be able to refresh the sales reports.

And then - nothing. Nothing happens. Even if it was a masterpiece, the most critical piece of the puzzle is missing: the audience. Unless you position your content so that your audience can see it, it is wasted. 

For some companies, this process repeats itself every day.

This strategy used to work - what changed?

Digital platforms changed. To be precise, their algorithms did. Facebook was the first to transition from organic to paid reach, making it pretty much impossible to reach people without putting a budget behind your content.  

The process we've witnessed with almost every platform goes like this. First, a new social media network shows up and, to stimulate users to join, organic reach is through the roof. Once the user count is significant (significant enough to attract advertisers), organic reach starts to decline until it becomes negligible.

At that point--and all of the biggest platforms are at this point--you need an advertising budget even to show your message to your followers.

The new how: Paid advertising

Simply put, the old organic approach is hurting your organization. You are probably spending significant funds on producing content, with no results.

Today's social algorithms demand paid advertising as support for good quality content for any organization that wants to have even a chance of reaching a significant number of people. Paying to reach your target audience has become essential to tell your brand's story, and without it, your marketing strategy will never reach its full potential.

The first strategy you could use to update your approach is to reduce what you spend on content production and put it towards ad spend. 

However, a second strategy is needed to ensure the first strategy works for you. Instead of leaving the effectiveness of your ad spend to chance, partner up with a firm that can guide you through the digital landscape by using data and expertise in the field. This is the proven way to reach your organization's goals faster, without stumbling around in the dark.

Contact us to find out howwe can help you achieve your advertising goals.

January 4, 2022

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