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Google Ad Grant: What Does This Mean for Your Non-Profit

What you need to know about Google Ad Grants and how they can support your nonprofit.

Will Google really give my organization free money to run ads?

Yes! The Google Ad Grant is a program that Google created to support nonprofit organizations doing good in the world. The Google Ad Grant provides qualifying nonprofit organizations with $10,000 of in-kind advertising every month for text ads. 

Google is the most frequently used search engine worldwide. People search for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. The Google Ad Grant can position your nonprofit in front of thousands of people who previously wouldn't have been familiar with your organization. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment that someone is looking for services, initiatives, and experiences like yours. 

Whether on desktop or mobile, a well-placed search ad can turn people into valuable advocates of your cause.


Benefits of the Google Ad Grant program:

  • Raise awareness for your cause- Reach supporters when they use Google Search. Your organization can show up when people use keywords relevant to your nonprofit at the top of the search results.
  • Drive more website activity- Drive traffic to your website for awareness, fundraising, events, volunteering, and more.
  • Track your nonprofit marketing efforts- Combine the ad grant with Google Analytics to measure and understand your organization's marketing performance. Good data can empower your organization to make smarter decisions on where to focus efforts and budgets.
  • Reach the people who need your help- Do more of what your nonprofit exists to do. Strategically drive your organization's mission forward by getting in front of the right people at the right time.


Ok, what's the catch with this grant?

The Google Ad Grant is genuinely free money to support your nonprofit's mission, but there are some things that you'll have to do to maintain the grant. 


What to do to keep the grant:

  • No single-word keywords are permitted, meaning you'll need to target specific keyword phrases.
  • You can't bid on overly generic keywords that could potentially bring the wrong audience to your website. 
  • Your ads must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) each month. (Failing to meet 5% CTR for two consecutive months can result in account deactivation.)
  • Must have accurate conversion tracking, if applicable.
  • Must respond to the Google Ad Grant program survey.


My nonprofit doesn't have experience with Google Ads. How can we get help?

Let the Data Genomix team get this program launched, and bring immediate value to your nonprofit. Data Genomix will help manage and utilize this grant to deploy Google SEM ads, complete with robust analytics, all in support of your mission.

How can Data Genomix help me?

  • Bringing awareness of your cause to the right audience- With a clear understanding of your cause and audience, DG can help you reach your audience (participants, donors, supporters, volunteers, etc.) when using Google search.
  • Helping your website work for you- DG will help you utilize the Ad Grant account to drive online conversions to your website for fundraising, events, recruiting volunteers, and more.
  • Empower your organization with data to make smarter decisions- DG will take an analytical approach to measure and understand your nonprofit's online marketing performance through Ad Words & Google Analytics.
  • Do more of what you exist to do- DG will help provide custom audiences and continually monitor campaigns to make adjustments to the ads, giving you the ability to focus on what matters most.


Reach out to the Data Genomix team to learn more about the Google Ad Grant program and application process. 


You can also learn more about the Google Ad Grant program here.

June 8, 2022

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