Don't Keep Your Digital Advertising in-house!

Learn more about how an outside digital marketing partner can help elevate your brand in the digital space while working collaboratively with your internal team.

The logic behind the thought seems sound: an in-house team knows your brand inside out and can devote all of their working hours to your organization's marketing efforts.

It sounds good in theory. The problem is, it doesn't quite work in practice--or at least, not as well as you might hope.

Why do in-house teams underperform in digital marketing?

Your digital advertising in-house team (or one-man-band) has their hands full. Depending on your goals and your strategy, they are probably doing design, copywriting, buying ads, handling community management and analytics, and much more. While they are probably doing the best they can, they are likely feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced.

Combine this with the fact that digital marketing is one of the fastest-changing industries today, and you've got a recipe for an outdated, rusty strategy with underwhelming results.

The trouble is that the digital landscape is changing as we speak, and it will keep doing so. There is no space for setting up a system and sticking to it because "that's how we've always done it."

The typical situation we come across is a client with two or three accounts on big (and old) platforms, creating content on almost a daily basis but never pausing to figure out if their audience is actually listening. Are they even there? Traditional marketing teams have no time to answer this critical question. 

While in-house teams may be experts in knowing your brand, standing too close can make it difficult to see the entire picture. In-house teams' perspectives are often skewed by their own knowledge and deep understanding of the project, making it difficult to put themselves into the shoes of a layperson searching for your brand. What's more, knowing your brand just isn't enough; a solid digital strategy requires a deep understanding of the digital landscape.

How to get the most out of your ad spend

To succeed in the digital arena, you need to be present on the new platforms your audience is using, leveraging available data to get valuable insights and crafting your message in such a way that both the content and the means of delivering it hit the target every single time.

This is difficult to achieve with an in-house team who are, through no fault of their own, stuck in their ways, with no time in the day to expand their knowledge and follow the most recent developments in paid advertising.

So, what's the solution? Partner up with a firm that can provide you with knowledge, expertise and innovation to take you to the next level.

Partnering up for success

By partnering up with Data Genomix, you get fresh insight and a deep understanding of search trends and habits, as well as the digital landscape overall.

At Data Genomix, we are dedicated to keeping our team always at the cutting edge of digital advertising on every (and any) platform available. Because we work with numerous and varied clients, we have the luxury of testing the newest algorithms and practices in different industries, providing our partners with this precious experience, we can adapt to their unique needs. As a result, we create digital marketing strategies that are dynamic and agile, constantly changing and improving based on data and performance.

What you get is a reliable partner who keeps one eye on your business and the other on all of the nuances of the digital advertising world.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your outreach.

January 4, 2022

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