Digital Vendors: Why You Should Run Away and Never Look Back

Trusting a Digital Vendor with your online presence is a bold move.

Trusting a Digital Vendor with your online presence is a bold move. Not so much brave as in "courageous" and "innovative," however, but more like jumping off a cliff and hoping that a person is looking at their phone is going to catch you.

Why? Well, first let us explain what a Digital Vendor is.

The rise of Digital Vendors...

Digital Vendors are "marketing agencies" in the most traditional sense of the phrase. Their role is to be your digital advertising intermediary. You agree on a budget, and then they create campaigns and buy ads on your behalf.

Periodically (usually once a month), you look at the metrics they send you and, if they seem to be rising, all is well, and the cycle carries on.

…and their fall.

Unfortunately, there are significant issues with this strategy.

Firstly, your Digital Vendor's goals don't match your own. Their goal is for your digital advertising budget to increase as much as possible. Your goal is to maximize your return on ad spend. If no one works on matching these goals up, you'll just carry on spending your budget with no real insight into where your money is going.

Secondly, your Digital Vendor probably measures their success based on a very generalized and unhelpful metric, such as the total number of people reached or total impressions. This prevents you from having any real idea of what your real ad spend is versus the margins that the Digital Vendor is taking. Furthermore, it stops you from assessing the efficiency of your advertising budget.

Finally, your Digital Vendor doesn't really have the motivation to move you forward to the next level. They are happy for you to stay where you are, spending your budget and not causing many headaches. For you, this means years of being stuck in the same marketing loop, with no real progress.

Those are the major differences between a Digital Vendor and a Strategic Partner in digital advertising. A Digital Vendor prioritizes spending your advertising budget and increasing it for the next quarter. A Strategic Partner, such as Data Genomix, prioritizes getting your brand to the next level and maximizing your ad spend efficiency for the greatest impact.

A better way to manage digital advertising

The best time to find a strategic partner in digital advertising was ten years ago. The second best time is today. 

You need a partner who takes a strategic approach to position your brand so that your audience sees you, trusts you, and buys from you. You need a strategy that will keep your brand progressing continuously, helping you reach and exceed your goals.

Data Genomix is not a Digital Vendor that will buy ads for you and send you the bill at the end of the month. We are in for the ride - for our clients, we are the trusting partner who can guide them through the newest innovations in digital advertising, sharing our expertise and experience along the way. With this approach, you know that your digital advertising budget is being maximized to its fullest potential.

Contact us to find out how we canmaximize your digital advertising strategy.

January 4, 2022

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