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A Summer of Growth

How Data Genomix Prepared Me For the “Real World”

Caitlyn Compres

From a young age, we are exposed to a vast array of careers. We are taught that what we learn in school will help prepare us for the best future we can possibly imagine. 

Then you enter college, and the real world approaches you much more quickly than you would like. Data Genomix has taught me to embrace my future and has shown me how beautiful the real world can be. 


I entered Data Genomix on May 17th, with quite a bit of nerves. I was anxious, and excited, to meet everyone but at the same time, there was this overarching feeling that I did not know enough to be there. I felt nervous that I would be labeled as incapable or unintelligent. Data Genomix’s small, but mighty, team quickly kicked these fears to the curb. Within those first two weeks, I realized what an amazing opportunity I was offered. A place to actually ask questions, absorb information from every team member, and be able to assist on projects, all the while being encouraged to find my own strengths. 

Looking back on this summer internship, I learned the difference between SEO/SEM, how to properly set up ad campaigns, and the endless technology skills I have picked up along the way like how to perfect a professional email, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Canva, and their client tracker. I even learned more than just the basics of several marketing platforms, and gained an overall better understanding of graphic design and marketing. I learned how to become a part of a team. Most importantly, I learned that the world of marketing is quite complex and can be extremely difficult to manage by oneself, but when you are able to communicate and speak freely with different individuals any problem becomes more than solvable. 

Data Genomix’s work culture has an indescribable energy. This team is the most dedicated, innovative, and capable team, yet they are compassionate, respectful, and exuberant individuals with one another and their clients. I truly believe that their atmosphere is what differentiates their success from other marketing firms. They are a family that encourages each other to speak freely and push one another daily, while keeping it light and extremely entertaining. This environment practically forces you to find your voice, and mine is much much louder leaving Data Genomix than its already loud precedent. I looked forward to speaking up and sharing my ideas and observations with the team regarding presentations, workshops, campaign ideas, and I even shared a presentation on material I learned in school with the team. It was a communal experience that I benefited from greatly. 

Data Genomix turned my fear of being incapable, or unintelligent, into “playing to my strengths.” Data Genomix showed me how much I can retain by just listening and observing; one does not always need to speak in order to find the answer. They showed me my strength in public relations and sales as they had me work with one of our client's grants. They also taught me that what I am learning in school is of the utmost importance. That the little things, even all the way from grade school, have an application in the real world, as they allowed me to assist with editing and proofreading client material. 

The idea of the “real world,” or the working force, is something that every college student dreads. The idea of life becoming life instead of a bubble they have successfully navigated through on their college campus. There are only stepping stones that prepare a student for success. Data Genomix was more than a stepping stone for me, it was the mountain I needed to climb. Without Data Genomix I firmly believe I would not be this confident, or excited, to enter the “real world.” 

August 18, 2023

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